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FACTORY NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC - We often work to tight deadlines, so, factory visits significantly slow down our production,  We also need to protect the privacy of our NDA Film & Movie work (Disney/Marvel etc). We monitor emails hourly and will respond super fast.

Being an online company, communication is preferred via email only so that all details regarding orders are documented, recorded and double checked before manufacturing occurs. This really reduces the risk of any mistakes occurring in your order.

Location: Wauchope NSW Australia 2446

Please Note: To meet our promised deadlines we work around the clock. Factory visits slow down our production whilst also protecting the privacy of our NDA work. We monitor emails hourly and will respond fast.

However, in an event of urgency or of high importance with regards to your order production, or if your particular order is complex please 

Location: Wauchope, NSW Australia 2446 - contact Owner JT on 0477 775 734

Please click the link below and I will be in touch straight away.

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