Screen Printed T-shirt Printing Gold Coast

Printed garments need Sealing to ensure longevity. Our heat tunnel or Pro Fusion AntiCrack give you options.

Heat tunnel
This option we can send your printed garment on a little journey through a Heat Tunnel, much like a rotating Pizza oven, when ink on the garment roughly reaches 160 degrees whilst continuously moving this cures the ink, sealing it for durability.
This finish is slightly rough and should last approx 1.5 - 3 years before standing to show signs of breaking down depending on wearer.



Pro Fusion AntiCrack Exclusive to Proscreen
This Curing technique is exclusive to Proscreen and how we separate ourselves from the competition, we add specially formulated agents into the ink, bypass the oven altogether and apply instant heat force giving a wafer thin, yet highly opaque smooth finish.