Screen Printed T-shirt Printing Gold Coast

How we became the best in the business for Screen Printing Services in Australia

After 10 years in the game being widely known for our unusual and innovative printing and design techniques" Proscreen has now cemented itself as one of the industry leaders.


With the recent addition of an automated 12 colour 14 platen Adtec screen printing machine along with 2 hand carousels, we are geared more towards volume screen printing to encourage offshore manufacturing to stay here in Australia. We believe our quality and turnaround far superior and nothing gets lost in translation.

Working with some of Australia’s leading streetwear, international brands and government organisations has given us the experience to handle the niche jobs at a global volume.

We look forward to the future as we innovate daily in our constant quest to always stay ahead of the competition in both manufacturing and design prowess.


Pictured Jamie Thomson - Owner/Founder -  Proscreen 2003